What Do We Do?

Simply Put – We Work to Bring You Global Success!

Succeeding as a global organisation is about having a global perspective coupled with local knowledge AND a clear understanding of the international benchmarks and standards that apply. Marketforce provides up-to-date and ear-to-the-ground knowledge and resources to help industry associations, businesses and governments achieve their objectives internationally.

Many organisations are now rapidly coming to realise that the Internet, far from being the easy route to international success, has so swamped the market with clutter, spam and trivia that genuine business enquiries and opportunities transmitted simply never reach the intended audience or are simply ignored under a pile of similar requests. Add to this the ever increasing demand in global energy and their production systems and you discover a supply system which simply cannot keep up – and the more attractive the manufacturer the more in demand they are! Tried and tested marketing and business generation techniques are now, more than ever, still necessary to overcome these problems.

We offer market research, communications, detailed market entry and trade promotion services for public and private sector clients who wish to expand and/or benchmark their capabilities worldwide.

What our clients all have in common is a need for quick access to knowledge, local resources and interested parties in an international market.

With branches, local associations, affiliations and connections in more than 25 major international markets worldwide our network of experts can help you access the global market you need and provide clear solutions all with the benefit of a single point-of-contact and a common methodology.

In summary, we have an outstanding track record of improving our clients' performance.

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Who are we?

Marketforce is a division of Tristate Group of Companies and was founded in 1997 with a clearly defined vision of developing the channels of trade and investment between South East Asia and the established manufacturing regions of North America and Europe.

Today Marketforce has a full-time staff of nine engineers, five researchers and three project managers all linked to a vast network of industrial contacts throughout each of our three designated operational continents. The division’s main office is in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia and Marketforce operates smaller link offices in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Marketforce maintains an excellent, high-level network of contacts in business and government throughout the world all of which can be called upon to provide a timely, accurate and clearly interpreted global information for all of our clients.

As a team of multi-disciplined and highly qualified professionals, Marketforce understands your needs and the frustrations experienced from working in multi-lingual and multi-cultural regions of the world. We understand this because we ourselves are international marketeers, entrepreneurs and businesspeople who have a wealth of experience working in many different industrial and commercial markets throughout the world.

We now work to bring this experience and inter-cultural capability to you to convey these efficiencies and knowledge to you through our consultancy services all of which will save you time and money and provide major added-value benefits through the utilisation of the latest technologies and dramatically reduced leadtimes to market.

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How we work!

Marketforce will help you to enter and navigate new markets quickly and effectively. We assemble a specialised team dedicated to your specific needs and, with our worldwide network of affiliates, offer local solutions and resources to save you time and money.

Our services and programs are based on extensive international industry experience combined with an in-depth knowledge of local market and business conditions. Our team of professionals averages more than 20 years of business development and industry experience.

We also bring many years of entrepreneurial experience to our work, so we understand the challenges that growing companies face. Marketforce's local representation, knowledge and contacts in major world markets are a meaningful resource for companies and organisations that want to maximise their international opportunities but are unsure of the best approach in an uncertain world.

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