Our vision is to be one of the leading suppliers of energy and maritime products in South East Asia and related services in our chosen markets in order to provide maximum value to our clients and stakeholders.

Our vision for the future is supported by an integrated set of core values and business principles.

The values and principles inform every aspect of our organisation and define the way we work.

Our Vision Explained..

By vision we mean “A Realistic, Credible and Attractive Future for our Organisation” ie the point towards which our endeavours drive us or, more simply, what we are trying to achieve.

Leading Supplier
We aim to be consistently in the top three suppliers in the market because, in essential services, only the top three suppliers can create the necessary high levels of value. Being first or second gives us the benefits of economies of scale and a competitive advantage that others cannot match.

Related Services

Those are services which are related to our core offering of energy. These would typically be services that we already deliver, including training and Marketforce services, or could supply as a natural extension of our existing capability.

Chosen Markets

Those markets, both in South East Asia and internationally, that have the most appropriate business climates and highly-regulated practices which, in turn, demand the highest quality goods at the most cost-effective prices.

Maximum Value

We intend to create highly visible savings in cost and/or time for our clients.


Our values are the core of our corporate philosophy.

All our actions are based on these fundamental values and beliefs, which link our vision to our business principles.

Passion for customers

This value is central to the way we work. We have an ethos of delivering outstanding customer service. We must be able to anticipate our customers' needs and correct any errors promptly. We must give value for money, and deliver efficient and effective products and services.


We are constantly striving for continual improvement; we are never satisfied. We engage constructively with advocates and critics from within and outside the company. We do this to maintain our competitive edge and deliver consistently outstanding client and stakeholder returns.

Pride comes from the satisfaction of our customers and from delivering high-quality products and services. We are proud of our staff and their achievements and we recognise and reward success.

Trust & Ethics

Developing trust is at the heart of our relationships with customers. Developing trust comes from doing what we say and acting with integrity. We demonstrate trust by respecting and empowering our employees. Building trust will help us to develop strong future relationships with our clients and stakeholders.


We support employees seeking to meet and own challenges. We foster teamworking and knowledge sharing, and give our employees the tools and training they need to do their jobs well.


The markets in which we operate are continuously changing. As energy demand increases globally the demand for energy related products similarly increases and the supply-side of the industry is failing to keep up. This results in the most attractive manufacturers having, previously unheard of, levels of power and major problems for energy contractors.

The implications are clear: the sourcing of energy consumables, materials and products is becoming a global business. Strategic infrastructure will become increasingly important and because the market is changing our clients need to be rapidly evolving in order to remain competitive and meet agreed completion dates.

Our strategy remains: to create value for our shareholders by: searching out the most beneficial global opportunities; deepening customer relationships, ensuring a competitive cost of supply and achieving operational efficiency by sharing knowledge and the adoption of best practices.

Within this context our energy business focus is now entirely on the international environment making maximum use of our regional branches and associate offices.